Sunday, November 20, 2016

Stone Walls

“Sometimes we seek that which we are not yet ready to find.” 
― Libba BrayRebel Angels

Your secret corridor,
Your foggy fiction,
Could only live
In suspense.

Your grey-faced
Degraded walls
Of stone
And bone.

Softness on either side
Was lost
As you
The width
Of meaning
And miscalculated
The price of
Closing your

Your story
Had no clear exits
And entrances,
Just the way you liked--
Hanging in mid-air,
Unfettered by
And speculation,
Your mind aptly directed
Each twist and turn.

Bricks of
Red clay and
Robin’s Eggs,
Were sound
Here, yet
Unsecured boards
And expanding cracks
Still found you.

You scoured
The perimeter
Wondering  what
Got loose?

You sent up flares
To spot your

You found a way
To contain
The animal.

You hid it inside
Thick folded notes
Turned over and over,
With grains
Of hourglass

Diane Keys 11/2016

Sunday, August 28, 2016

You Know You Famous .....

I can add this to my list of Fictitious Diane Identities from the rumor mill.

I LOVE this one, it is a serious first and gives me MAJOR STREET CRED cuz that's the world I live in!!

Primo fictitious identities to date:

(could of made a LOT of money with that one--think people were hoping I was)
I had a toddler at the time, so the playpen must have been my inflatable dungeon used between naps

Undercover FBI
no real explanation for that one

and now
 Heroin addict

 At least they think I'm recovering and on methadone, which is apparently the same as ADD meds for kids--who knew? 

I even have SYRINGES!!  

Used to shoot up my diabetic cat with insulin

oh and
Cult Leader
Now THAT one is true!!  Viva la Dkult! 
Living Your Life so You Don't have to!!
JOIN TODAY!! We have good soup!!

what are the BEST rumors out there about you?

As long as people are talking about you-you still famous!!